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We Have Moved!

At Carbon PT, we believe that moving our bodies has great benefits to our health. Sometimes, moving locations has great benefits to our community! 

Exciting news! 

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Courthouse Club Fitness - South River Road Location.

Starting April 29th, you can come receive best-in-valley treatment at 2975 River Rd S. 

Located in the Courthouse Club building, we're right around the welcome desk and ready to serve our patients with the same intentional care we've always prioritized.

Bodies are made to move! (And sometimes so are businesses!) Come see us at our new location -- we can't wait to start our new chapter with you! 


Where is the new space?

Courthouse Club Fitness South River Road Location! 

2975 River Rd S, Salem Oregon

How do I get to my appointment at Courthouse?

Check-in at the main Courthouse entrance and tell the staff you are there for PT.  They will tell you where we’re at in the building and have you fill out a waver to participate in PT at the facility.

Can I still meet Carbon at the Turner Road location? 

No, Carbon is moving completely to the South River Road Courthouse facility and will not be available at Turner Road anymore.

Do I have to be a courthouse member to be seen by Carbon?

You don't!  Everyone is welcome.

Can I use the facilities on days I don’t have an appointment?

Unless you are a Courthouse member, you cannot use the facility on days you don’t have an appointment.

Do you offer aquatic therapy at this location?

Yes we do. Aquatic therapy can be arranged if needed. 


Do I get a Courthouse membership discount if I’m a Carbon patient?

No, you do not get a Courthouse discount as a Carbon patient.

Do I get a Carbon discount if I’m a Courthouse member?

No, you do not get a discount as a Courthouse member

Can I use the Courthouse “Kids Court” for my child if I’m at an appointment with Carbon?

If you are a Courthouse member, you can drop your child off at “Kids Court” prior to attending your session.

If I am a HealthPass/Zion HealthShare member with the Courthouse, does Carbon accept my insurance? 

Participants in HealthPass/Zion HealthShare pay for sessions out-of-pocket, then can submit their bills to their HealthShare if they wish.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed. 

How can I get more information about the move?

Call us at 503-877-4974